• Should I just file the claim myself?

- You can. But keep in mind, if you don't understand your coverages and how the insurance claim process works, you may accidentally do or say something that will damage your claim. Target Claims Services will provide you the best chances of coverage and payment.


  • Should I just hire an attorney?

- Again, you can. But only once a claim has been denied or underpaid. There may be a time to seek legal advise if all other options have failed. Hire Target Claims Services to maximize your chances of success first. Should the need arise to seek an attorney, we will gladly provide our documentation of your claim to the attorney you've retained.


  • Why hire a Public Adjuster?

- The insurance has hired an adjuster to protect their interests (saving money). You can hire a public adjuster to protect YOUR interests (getting paid for your damages). Fight fire with fire, level the playing field, and increase your odds.


  • So how much do you charge?

- Target Claims Services charges are based on a small percentage of amounts you receive from your insurance claim. The pecentage is based on claim type and complexity. Working on a percentage is how we guarantee "If you don't get paid, you don't owe us anything!". Contact us to schedule an appointment and we can discuss the fee.


  • Should I call the insurance company first?

- No. If you're considering hiring our services, call us first.


  • How long will it take?

- Once hired, we do everything possible to expedite your claim. Most claims are resolved within 30 days. In rare cases, complications delay resolution of claim to 60+ days. The sooner we get started, the less time it will take!


  • Will my rates go up? Will I get dropped?

- Florida statutes protect your right to hire a public adjuster.  Insurance rates have been going up for many years, and that's likely to continue if you get paid for a filed claim or not. Insurance policies require you to report damages in a timely fashion. If they continue to offer renewal of coverage or not is an underwriting decision at the insurance company, and has nothing to do with the agent or adjusters. Property left in a damaged condition will likely not be renewed for coverage. When you meet with our adjuster, they will go over the pro's and con's with you, letting you make an informed choice.


  • My claim was denied, can you help?

- YES! I have helped hundreds of people who's claims were denied receive full payments for their losses over my career. If you filed your claim and your date of loss was within the last 5 years, we can re-open your claim!


  • My insurance company paid me, but not enough, can you help?

- YES! As long as your claim is within the last 5 years, we can negotiate for more money on your behalf. And only charge a percentage of additional monies we recover for you!

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